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One of the amazing benefits of hiring a mobile notary service or document signing service is one of flexibility.  With Integrity Mobile Notary Service, there is no need to coordinate 4 different parties for the closing of a home purchase, or refinance of a mortgage, as the document signing and any notarization that needs to take place, right in your client’s living rooms!  Many other documents that need notarizing as well, can easily be handled by Integrity Mobile Notary Service, such as Wiils or Trusts, Power of Attorney, general or Power of Attorney-Health for those who cannot easily travel to a remote location.

A Notary Officer is one who practices in administering statutory declarations or oaths, and perform certain other acts, such as witness and authenticate documents that vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. When a Notary Public places their stamp and signature on a document that you have placed before them, they give not only their word that the document is official, but that they have absolutely confirmed your identity under normal processes.

Integrity Mobile Notary Service is a Notary Public offering Mobile Notary Public and Document Signing Service


For legal issues and problems, please seek out an attorney.  Legal advice is not one of the services we offer at Integrity Mobile Notary Service, but fast and convenient service IS!

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