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With a heart for service, a mind for quality, and an eye for detail, Integrity Mobile Notary Notary Service provides a level of quality in service and professionalism that remains unmatched!

A Notary Officer is one who practices in administering statutory declarations or oaths, and perform certain other acts, such as witness and authenticate documents that vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. When a Notary Public places their stamp and signature on a document that you have placed before them, they give not only their word that the document is official, but that they have absolutely confirmed your identity under normal processes.

This Notary “seal of approval” is becoming more and more essential, and Notarized documents are almost commonplace in these days of increased need for security and the prevention of identity theft. When people need to apply for certain legal documents, such as General Power of Attorney (POA), POA for healthcare, or Affidavits, a Notary becomes an essential agent, as most of these documents are not recognized without it. Even applying for duplicate certificates, such as Birth Certificates, Wedding Certificates, or Diplomas and professional degrees are times that a Notary Public become important in your life.

So, for all those times that you need to prove who you are and where you are, and everything inbetween, Integrity Mobile Notary Service is your strong ally!

Integrity Mobile Notary Service



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